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Humanism Today: Volume Four

Humanism Today, The Journal of the North American Committee for Humanism and...

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Onsite Trainings

We offer onsite trainings to groups around the country. Below are examples of the topics we cover. If your group would like to host a training, please contact us.

Humanist Celebrant Training

Learn to perform celebrations from a humanist perspective such as: weddings, memorials, baby welcomings, and coming of age ceremonies. Great for those wanting to become registered to perform weddings and those looking for new ceremony ideas.

In partnership with the Humanist Society.

Humanism, Atheism, & LGBTQ Communities

A day-long training on the intersections between the LGBTQ and Humanist movements which will include an Ally Training tailored to Humanist and Atheist communities.

In partnership with the LGBTQ Humanist Council.

Secularism Today CLE

Learn about the historic and current legal work that contributes to the state of humanist and atheist individuals' outcomes in the courts.

In partnership with the Appignani Humanist Legal Center (AHLC).