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To acquire the distinction of Certified Humanist Professional (CHP) one must earn a Certificate in Humanist Studies & Leadership by completing all nine of the core courses offered by The Humanist Studies Program. Students can either choose to take the courses sequentially (as noted below) or follow their own schedule plan.

  • The Humanist Life Stance Required Course
  • Humanist Values & Principles
  • Humanism in Relation to World Religions
  • Critical Thinking, Knowledge and Truth
  • Physical & Life Science
  • Social Science
  • Contemporary Culture
  • Leadership
  • Aesthetics & Celebrations


If you desire to shape your own learning, The Humanist Studies Program makes it easy to do. With only one required course, students can choose from the other eight courses offered to focus on aspects of humanism that most interest them or help to round out their education in humanism.

The flexibility to choose opens many doors of opportunities!

  • Individuals employed within humanist organizations now have the chance to acquire a broader, in-depth understanding of humanism that will better inform their work.
  • Individuals seeking second career options are able to gain an emphasis on humanism while pursuing credentialing in specific areas of concentration i.e. chaplaincy, ministry, lay leadership.
  • Those who already have a degree in a major area can pursue particular courses that help them build humanist community, such as Leadership, Contemporary Culture and/or Aesthetics & Celebrations.
  • Those who wish to achieve personal aspirations, such as understanding historical significance of humanism (Humanism in Light of World Religions) or expanding one’s knowledge of the foundation blocks of humanism (Physical & Life Sciences or Social Sciences) can easily achieve their goals by taking specific courses of interest.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. –Nelson Mandela

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